The artist

Taline Olmessekian


Born to Armenian parents, Taline started her beginnings in Lebanon until the war of 1975, forcing her family to move to Tehran/Iran. Not too long after, the Revolution in Iran yet again forced her to relocate, this time on her own, to London, England, where she continued with her education, obtaining a BA honors in Visual communication design as well as an MA in Multimedia Interactive Design from Middlesex University.

Though her design career has always been the backbone of her day to day life, Taline never stopped expressing her feelings and emotions through her creativity in her spare time.

Since a very early age, she developed a fascination with all things old and miniature, hence collecting what she could find that spoke to her emotions on a subconscious level. She began creating wearable art as a hobby from her private collection, and after moving from London/England in 2002 with the encouragement of her friends and family, SADISTICA was born in 2010.
Taline believes each found item, no matter its size or provenance, holds the energy and emotions invested in it by its previous owner, a presence which helps her in creating not only an aesthetically beautiful piece of art, but to tell the stories of the pieces to a new audience. Ultimately the tale of each piece is left to the spectator’s own interpretation.

The diversity of cultures Taline has been exposed to throughout her life has a very strong presence in her creative style, as has the yearning to preserve the past, melancholy of bygone days, not only hers, but so many unknowns.





At first glance, the work may represent pain, darkness and sometimes one need to take a double take, it's when you look deeper into each peace, they become storytellers, dream interpreters and memory inducers. More often than not, the work produced involves making a connection between reality and surrealism, preservation and decay, memory and forgetting.

Each piece is an original, one-of-a-kind creation, meticulously crafted from found objects from the scattered shards of lives proceeding our own.


 * SADISTICA gladly accepts personalized orders preserving your memories by means of creating wearable art from objects meaningful to you.